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Guasch & Cardona is a law firm, located in Ibiza, with collaborators in the rest of Spain and abroad, dedicated to legal advice in the civil, commercial and criminal fields, offering a comprehensive and multilingual service. Founded by Miguel Guasch and Catalina Cardona.

Our Serivces

Areas of practice


Civil Law

Obligations and contracts, communities of owners, family, inheritance and debt claims.

Derecho mercantil ibiza

Commercial Law

Constitution, dissolution and liquidation of companies, acquisitions and sales of companies, exchange law.

Derecho procesal

Procedural law

Extensive experience in court litigation. Assistance in all types of legal proceedings, challenge to corporate agreements, precautionary measures.

Abogados Ibiza Derecho penal

Procedural law

Traffic accidents, compensation, complaints and criminal cases.

Derecho turistico

Real Estate and Tourism Law

Purchase and sale of real estate and real estate companies, construction contracts, horizontal property, urban and tourist leases.

derecho internacional

International Law

Execution of foreign judgments and other actions in international, public and private law.

Legal Advice

Get a successful strategy, from the first day of consultation.

Where are we located

Guasch & Cardona Advocats Ibiza

Carrer de Pere Francès, 6, 5ºAB
Illes Balears

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Leaders in the Balearic sector with more than 30 years of experience.

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